Siya Madikane

Siya Madikane.jpeg

Siya Madikane is a philanthropist dedicated to helping disadvantaged children,
particularly in the fields of education and health.

Siya was born in Soweto, South Africa, where he lived in an orphanage until the age of ten. At that age, Siya’s life changed through adoption and began splitting his time between Johannesburg and New York City. Siya attended Bishop Bavin School in Johannesburg, before matriculating at Trinity Pawling when he permanently relocated to New York City. He attended Pepperdine University
and received his B.S. in History in 2007.

Siya worked for IMG's Consulting group in New York, then transitioned to the IMG Events and Sponsorship group in London and India. In 2015, he turned his focus to philanthropy full time.

Siya is on the Board of Directors for The Character Connection Initiative, which uses character education to empower adolescents in strengthening their confidence, competence, and compassion through character education and mindfulness. He is an avid soccer fan (Liverpool FC) and golfer.