Andrea & Adam Saper

Andrea Saper is a New York City-based fashion designer known for her ability to build and launch new products with a modern and classic aesthetic.

Andrea began her career in fashion when she was only 16 years old while working part-time for Perry Ellis. One of the youngest members of the National Academy of Fine Arts in Manhattan, Andrea knew from an early age that she wanted to apply her artistic talents to building beautiful products.

Motivated by her artistic background, she pursued her fashion education at Esmode in Paris, France and graduated NYU's Gallatin division with a BFA and a thesis in the psychology of fashion as a non-verbal form of communication.

Andrea has worked at such houses as Emmanuel Ungaro, Kay Unger, Vivienne Tam, Elie Tahari and Tahari, where she was the Design Director of Outerwear. At Elie Tahari, she not only launched the product category but brought it to a 10M business in 3 years. Andrea now consults and launches both new product categories and brands for a variety of large and smaller companies alike. Some of these brands include Coach, Hunter Boots, Khirma Eliazov, and Joey Wolffer.

Adam Saper spent childhood summers in Italy, where he became enamored with the food and the people. After he graduated from Columbia University, he boarded a plane to Florence to learn the language. A year later, he was back in New York with Italian roommates but not nearly enough quality Italian food. Luckily, his job as the Director of Business Development for a growing medical devices company often brought him abroad and, by chance, back to Italy by way of Oscar Farinetti’s Eataly. Adam wanted to give his hometown an opportunity to experience the energy and the quality of this unique Italian marketplace. So, he and his brother, Alex, forged a partnership with Oscar and B&B Hospitality to open the first-ever Eataly in the USA.